Kingston Technology Company supplies server RAM to ten of the biggest computer producers in the world, who then sell them on under their own names and with a profit of up to 30%. Consequently, there is a large market share for Kingston to partake in, since the company also retails RAM under its own name. Kingston was very interested when Discus Communications presented the company with a proposal on how to change the patterns and attitudes of potential clients.

Nordic Meetings
Discus’ proposal included a solution that addressed IT directors of the Nordic countries' 500 biggest corporations. The solution was a direct marketing campaign aimed at securing meetings for Kingston’s country managers. The overall Nordic target was 20 meetings.

Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign
The members of the target group received an exclusive box and a booklet with the following statement: ”You have no idea which built-in RAM your computer has”. The booklet addressed the myths relating to server RAM since we were in a position where we could counter the assumptions with facts and the campaign was supported by various PR efforts.

Won Four of Five
Within one month Kingston attended meetings with 27 corporations and won four out of the Nordic countries’ five biggest companies as clients, including some global deals.

Campaign Elements
» Direct mail (exclusive box and brochure)
» Booking og meetings
» PR activities

For more information, please contact: Niels Christian Jensen