Events forms an important part of Oracle’s marketing. At the Extreme Performance Tour for the hardware division, which took place in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Oracle asked Discus Communications for creative in-put on venue, keynote, entertainment and also extra assistance for arranging and coordinating the practical parts of the three events.

Customer Events in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki
The target group for the events were CIOs from midsize companies and enterprises as well as the public sector and the objective was to give them a demonstration of Oracle’s hardware business.

The result was three successful events at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen, at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, and at Hotelli Kalastajatorppa in Helsinki with more than 230 CIOs participating. During the day the participants received valuable information from Oracle's experts, including case studies from Oracle’s customers.

In Denmark the Extreme Performance Tour theme was supported by the movie called “Adrenalin Rush”, which is about people jumping from extreme hights, etc. The event was followed by dinner, networking and entertainment by Omar Marzouk.

Campaign Elements
» Creative proposal for the event
» Practical coordination of the event
» Management and coordination of demand generation

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