Ekaterina Bakhbava – or Eka in short – is Account Manager and part of the agency’s B2C team, where she executes a variety of different projects and programs for clients primarily within consumer electronics, health and lifestyle. On top of her focus on marketing PR, blogger and media relations and events, Ekaterina is very experienced in social media and was one of the first bloggers in Denmark. She therefore also works with online strategy as well as implementation and maintenance of social media platforms.

Ekaterina has been with Discus Communications since 2007 and holds a Master in International Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School.

Ekaterina is originally from Georgia and has a throbbing heart for travel and culture. Together with her husband and children she enjoys chasing new, exciting sceneries and experiences beyond the borders of Denmark. She also has a great passion for photography and loves to explore the curiosities, architectures and atmospheres of the big cities of the world.

Ekaterina Bakhbava
Account Manager
Phone: +45 26 65 80 63