Consumer Electronics None Too Liked on Facebook

Digital lifestyle products are not a top priority when consumers choose which companies to follow on Facebook. Just 12 percent of Danish Facebook users follow consumer electronics companies.

If you have a Facebook profile, which 66 percent of the participants in our new study have, you are likely to follow one or more companies in your stream of updates, photos and comments. Therefore, there should be an opportunity for companies providing digital lifestyle products to a thirsty consumer market, on the world's most popular social media platform.

Study Quantifies Followers
However, only about one third of the Danish Facebook users follow one or more companies, and only 12 percent of the Facebook users follow consumer electronics companies, according to a new study that focuses on the digital consumer conducted by the market research company, Berent, on behalf of Discus Communications. 
The study shows that a majority of Danish Facebook users do not follow consumer electronics companies on Facebook, or at least, do not consider following that type of company a high priority. 
"When you consider how well Facebook brands lifestyle and personal identity, and contrast that with the extent to which manufacturers of smartphones, flat panels, cameras and other digital products seek to use social media in marketing, 12 percent is not very impressive," says CEO of Discus Communications, Niels Christian Jensen. 
"It might be easy to blame marketing for being on vacation, when it comes to taking advantage of social media’s potential, but it’s not because marketing does not do enough, but rather,  they do too much," adds Jensen. 
Misunderstanding Facebook 
In a recent international Social Media Marketing Industry Report, all 2800 CMOs surveyed said that they use Facebook in their B2C communications. The overwhelming number reflects the fact that they are not using Facebook in the right way, according to Jensen. 
”Our study indicates that marketing may overestimate or misinterpret the significance of Facebook. This social network does not necessarily create trust and affect behaviour in a purchasing situation. Consumers expect the classic virtues from companies on Facebook: Customer service, information and dialogue in their local language,” he elaborates.
According to a survey of Danish companies' use of social media, the platform is considered far down the value-added sales and marketing activities list. Ranked number nine, behind other channels considered more effective, only 28 percent consider social media the most valuable platform (Source: Networked Business Factbook 2012/13). 
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