Discus awarded Best European Campaign

Xerox Europe has awarded a PR campaign from Discus Communications the Best European Campaign 2007. Discus Communications was selected among 15 other European PR agencies.
The awarded PR campaign from Discus Communications was an initiative to position Xerox within the public debate on future ways of working rather than the traditional subjects like printing, outsourcing etc. The objective was to position Xerox as the visionary corporation, who takes responsibility for the employees, who engages in Corporate Social Responsibility and who participates in the public debate in Denmark.
“The Future Workplace was Discus' initiative and really demonstrated Discus' creativity and the company's ability to profile Xerox on a different level than printing and document management. Although the focus of the campaign was future work forms, we still managed to communicate our messages, including those on Xerox Global Services which focus on service-oriented deliveries and partnerships with clients. Last but not least, I personally, as chairman of the committee, have benefited from the media attention - and I look forward to more media contact in the future,” says Morten Felding, Managing Director, Xerox Denmark.
On the awarded campaign, Niels Christian Jensen, Managing Director at Discus Communications comments; “The campaign emphasises how we work together with our clients to develop their image and support their business goals. Besides the press communication this campaign involves close collaboration with trade associations, networks and other technology companies, scientists and opinion formers. The campaign has given Xerox the opportunity to share knowledge with its key stakeholders and to demonstrate its competencies.”
Xerox and Discus Communications have worked together for a number of years, and Discus Communications has earlier been nominated for Best Campaign. The awarded campaign on the Future Workplace will continue through 2008, and Xerox Europe will attempt to implement similar initiatives in other countries.
Discus Communications was presented with the Best European Campaign Award in Germany on January 24.