Discus Communications wins PR prize

Plantronics, the global producer of headsets, has awarded Discus Communications with its annual prize for Best European PR Campaign. Discus was granted the award because of its effort to increase the knowledge of Plantronics’ Henley study, which established the communications habits of European businesses. Discus Communications carried out the PR campaign in all Nordic markets.

The campaign was conducted through May and June. The main objective was to raise awareness of Plantronics’ study on European managers’ communications habits. The study was conducted by Henley Management College and showed that European managers spend up to ten years of their working lives handling e-mails, of which three and a half years are spent on unimportant e-mails. The media interest was massive - some examples are business.dk, Computer Sweden, aftenposten.no. The Danish national news programme ‘TV 2 Nyhederne’ broadcasted the story.

Discus Communications was presented with the award in London July 10.