Strong Growth at Discus Communications

Despite the market woes, which have led many companies to reduce their marketing budgets, Discus Communications, an integrated communications agency, achieves record financial results in 2008 for both top and bottom line.
Discus Communications’ gross profit for the 2008 fiscal year reached 8,087 million Danish kroner (DKK) compared to 5,357 million in 2007, an increase of 51 percent. After tax profits grew 100 percent from 545.000 DKK in 2007 to 1,092 million DKK in 2008. During 2008, the average number of employees grew 50 percent to nine employees and has now reached 12.
“The annual accounts for 2008 are very satisfying, particularly considering the current financial climate. The two primary drivers of our growth are our industry focus and the fact that we work with integrated communications,” explains Managing Director, Niels Christian Jensen. In addition, he emphasizes Discus Communications’ continued focus on building long-term customer relationships by creating high levels of customer satisfaction and that the agency has attracted several new clients during 2008.
Discus Communications is an integrated communications agency focused on technology-based companies within IT, telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare and logistics. These companies’ expectations of their marketing partner has been steadily increasing, and today includes a much deeper understanding of the industry, technology, sales channels, audiences, competitors and so on.
“We are also experiencing a shift in the market where an increasing number of companies are entrusting their marketing communications to a single agency in order to increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Working with integrated communications across public relations, direct marketing, advertising and new media, is precisely what sets us apart. The traditional silo-based agency model leaves integration between activities and several agency partners up to the client,” Niels Christian Jensen elaborates.
An actionable growth strategy
The strong growth at Discus Communications did not materialise out of nowhere. The agency has worked hard to formulate an actionable strategy and has involved all employees in the process to ensure that everyone knows where the company is headed. And, most importantly, the growth strategy has been translated into operational actions for each employee, giving them clearly defined personal objectives.
“The strategic work also involved grounding our core values at a personal level, ensuring that they are not just five meaningless phrases in a company presentation. This has, amongst other things, made recruiting new employees much easier, because we have a common frame of reference for what it means to be a communications consultant at Discus,” he continues.
Expectations for the future
The management’s expectations for the current fiscal year have been somewhat influenced by the economic downturn, which has had a predictable effect on companies’ marketing budgets. A moderate growth of 5-10 percent is expected, particularly driven by demand for integrated campaigns.