Your company’s image forms a significant part of its value. Discus Communications help you identify and communicate your brand and messages.

Through tailored strategy, communications and marketing sessions with your top management, we help you clarify your company’s present situation and focus areas, clarify the support of the company’s strategy and values within your organisation or identify an improved positioning of the company as well as your Brand Value Proposition.

Change Management Communications
Whether the process of change is related to the organisation or the market it is dependent on a well thought out communications strategy. We develop and carry out the communications strategy in the process of change, whether it is in relation to a merger, a new area of business or a new ownership.

Corporate Social Responsibility
A company is no longer only valued by its business results. Ethics, environment and code of conduct are increasingly influencing the image of a company and that is why Corporate Social Responsibility has become a new focus point. Discus Communications helps identify the company’s key issues and communicating these as well as securing internal understanding and commitment.

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