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An interesting company blog is a powerful tool for increasing both brand awareness and confidence in your company. When well-executed, your blog can both improve your rankings on Google and give you a strong position on social media. A blog can quickly become one of your most valuable marketing tools for creating new leads and retaining existing customers.

While the technical side of building a blog is usually pretty straightforward, the opposite tends to be true when it comes to content creation. Many companies are at a loss about what to write about. They know they need to write about something that adds value for their target groups. But what?

We tailor our blog training course to your specific needs, focusing on the following areas:

  • What topics should your company generally write about?
  • What characterizes your target groups?
  • Which channels should you use to increase your visibility?
  • What characterizes quality content, and how do you find the good stories?
  • How do you write inspiring and captivating blog posts?

You can also read about our social media training here.

Amalie Ayoe Sørensen

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