You can have the highest ambitions and the most carefully prepared content strategy, but you won’t get far without quality content. You’ve probably heard that before. But what is quality content really?

Quality content is content that impacts and moves the target group, be they internal or external stakeholders. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, literally. Content is video, text, graphics, images, podcasts, surveys, press releases, etc. which can help to support your digital marketing strategy or your press work. This is one of those areas where the only limit truly is your imagination.

Many people can put words together to create a text or cut a video. But that does not necessarily mean that they can produce quality content. Content should never just be filler. It should inspire, be helpful and relevant, and it should provide stakeholders with something they can identify with. There must be a strong thread tying the content to the objective you want to achieve and the target group you are aiming at.

We work within the vast majority of areas of content production. And we firmly believe that you can have the world’s best inbound platform or journalist network, but if your content sucks, you’ll get nowhere. The goal is good storytelling and relevant content; it’s about producing inspiration, insight and information that your target group finds useful.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help draw up a plan for your communication content, please contact a member of our talented staff.

Niels Christian Jensen

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