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One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing is that you can aim your communication and marketing very precisely at your specific target group and capture them on the platforms where they are active, when they are there and with relevant and often targeted messages – and all the while measuring the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

The digital marketing options on the various online platforms are continually growing, and anyone who works with marketing and communication should therefore also incorporate a digital strategy into their overall communication strategy.

The first step in your digital marketing strategy is to identify your company’s actual needs. Perhaps you want to increase your company’s online visibility. Or you might be looking to strengthen your company’s credibility through employee ambassadors. Maybe you need more meaningful content for your social media presence. Or you want to optimise your business communication on several parameters.

While digital marketing provides many opportunities to reach your target groups, it can also quickly become quite complex. In order to achieve your goals, you need to master many different aspects of digital marketing. How should the SEO and SEM be handled? What is a good content marketing strategy? How can you work with employee advocacy and social selling?

At Discus Communications, we love the many tools that are available for digital marketing – both the large-scale tools for global companies and the many free tools that are available.

We work with content strategy and content marketing, integrating social media, social selling, employee advocacy blogs, bloggers and influencers in the process. And we always focus on the most effective digital marketing strategy, giving you the highest possible impact from your investment.

We are always happy to take a look at your company’s situation and marketing at no obligation. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our talented staff to arrange a meeting.

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