Content marketing

It is possible to increase traffic to your website with content marketing and to convert cold leads into sales, while retaining existing customers and even increasing their loyalty to the company. To succeed, however, you need to remember that the key is good storytelling and relevant and inspiring content. That is the only way to break through the profusion of noise and poor communication that your target group is constantly bombarded with.

Our approach to content marketing starts with strategy. First, we analyse your existing marketing and communications, as well as your primary competitors. Next, we (re)define your target groups so we know exactly who they are and what triggers them. This enables us to devise an inspirational and relevant content plan, so we can get started on enriching your target groups.

We work with your newsletters, website, blog and social media, and we also integrate your employee advocacy and social selling initiatives. And, of course, we use the entire content palette, which you can read more about here.

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Content marketing giver flere besøgende til din hjemmeside