Marketing as a discipline is constantly changing, but the focus is still on branding, positioning, awareness and lead generation for the ultimate purpose of generating sales. The basic recipe is still the same, but the execution can be carried out in countless ways today.

Basically, you want to identify your target groups, analyse them and gain a better understanding of their challenges and wishes. What matters to them, what channels do they move on, and what does it take to capture their attention and goodwill?

Once you understand your target group, the next step is to consider the methodology and channel selection. Here, you have a wide range of marketing methodologies to choose from: crowdfunding campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, account-based marketing and channel marketing – just to name a few.

As an integrated communications agency, we help you to get your message out there. We work with concept development, visual identity and graphic design, as well as localisation of international promotions to the Danish market and target groups. We are happy to assist with the full spectrum of marketing services, from target group analyses, database and CRM, and lead generation to sales campaigns, incentive programmes, loyalty programmes and partner recruitment.

Whether you need assistance boosting sales or customer awareness, developing your marketing and materials or handling your social media strategy, we can help you build relations and realise your company’s goals.

Amalie Ayoe Sørensen

Communications Advisor

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