A market leader should show the way

CASE: Xerox

A market leader should show the way

A market leader should communicate about more than just their great products and solutions. They should also take the lead in future developments. And that is precisely what Xerox did in collaboration with Discus Communications and the Danish ICT Industry Association when they joined forces to establish a committee and a showroom focusing on the workplace and work methods of the future.

The Workplace of the Future

Together with the committee on the “Workplace of the Future” in the IT Industry, we launched a campaign to position Xerox as an expert on how we will work in the future and in how companies can embrace the younger generation, as they enter the labour market. Therefore, it was an additional feather in our cap when Xerox’s Danish director was nominated to chair the inter-sectorial committee.

The aim of the campaign was to demonstrate Xerox’s expertise in technology that promotes better work methods, greater flexibility and higher productivity. We also wanted to encourage debate on the topics in the Danish newspapers and business, IT, and HR media.

Xerox as a frontrunner

As part of the campaign, we organised an official media launch for the opening of the showroom. The official opening was attended and presided over by the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science, and other speakers included the CEO of Xerox and the head of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

We simultaneously launched a website about the “Workplace of the Future” and organised a series of speaking opportunities at conferences and seminars – in addition to articles, press releases and multiple interviews with Xerox on the subject.

More than 20 interviews and articles

The campaign generated considerable interest from the media and positioned Xerox as an expert. Journalists phoned proactively for comments about the workplace of the future, and more than 20 articles were published on the subject in newspapers as well as in business and IT media.