Integrated campaign puts new brand on the Danish map

Communications and branding dilemma: When two unknown companies must merge into one well-known brand

When the Danish cybersecurity company SecureLink was acquired by the French telecommunications operator Orange, the company was integrated into the division Orange Cyberdefense. As neither SecureLink nor Orange Cyberdefense were well-known brands in Denmark, they teamed up with Discus Communications to increase brand awareness, as Orange Cyberdefense was now entering the Danish market.

Re-positioning puts new company on the map through integrated communications campaign

The first and foremost step was to clearly identify the value proposition of this new entity – especially in a market with more than 260 registered cybersecurity companies. In close co-operation with SecureLink and Orange, our analyses and discussions led to the establishment of key messages and ultimately the core brand concept of the re-position campaign.

To bring the new brand to life, we recommended and executed an integrated marketing communications campaign based on thought leadership content across both earned, owned, and paid media:

  • Public relations campaign with a focus on the unique characteristics of the new Orange Cyberdefense.
  • Thought leadership content for the local Orange Cyberdefense website, shared on LinkedIn through several LinkedIn posts targeting Orange Cyberdefense’s most important stakeholders and target audiences through a paid LinkedIn campaign.
  • Banner ad campaign in local IT trade media. Here, we also published advertorials which added a great interplay between credibility and commercial interests.

“Discus Communications helped us with the challenge of navigating safely through a multitude of internal viewpoints on our forward-looking mission and value proposition as well as how to communicate this being a new member of the Orange Cyberdefense family. We succeeded with this venture, and Discus Communications followed up with the orchestration of a branding campaign that put us on the map towards our target audiences – and solidly based on our current situation and resources.”
– Eva Liendgaard Mossing, Marketing Manager, Orange Cyberdefense


The entire campaign resulted in an OTS score of 3 million (opportunity to see).
  • Public relations campaign: 2,290,000 readers had the opportunity to read the articles
  • Banner advertising campaign: 399,582 people saw the banners
  • Advertorials in Version2 and Computerworld were seen 515,546 times
  • The LinkedIn campaign had a total reach of 72,603