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Your quality content should naturally reach your target groups. When we help, we always adapt the story to the appropriate channel, whatever the channel is. There is a big difference between stories for earned media (such as the press), owned media (such as your blog) and paid media (such as an advertorial).

Once you have a good story, it is important to capitalise on it all you can. This is where versioning comes in. For instance, while the formats are different, there is no significant difference between a press release and an advertorial. With a minor rewrite, the same story can be used for both.

We always think in terms of versioning, to maximise the impact of the story. And we make sure that the different types of content get out there and live – regardless of whether it requires a journalist contact, paid media or social media management.

Amalie Ayoe Sørensen

Amalie Ayoe Sørensen

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