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At a time when many people feel bombarded with information, good and relevant content is vital for your company’s ability to attract visitors, readers, followers, leads, prospects and customers. But how do you activate your target group? This, of course, requires good content in the form of articles, videos, eBooks, guides, whitepapers, infographics, etc., and not least, the right channel choices.

However, before you can properly start producing all this exciting content, you have some work to do to identify the inspiring themes and agendas that you want to communicate. You need to define these themes, or content pillars as we prefer to call them, before you do anything else.

With the right themes or content pillars in place, it is possible to ensure that your content – bit by bit – communicates directly to your target group with topics that interest them, thus cementing your company’s relevance. This also gives you a direction – your own editorial line – for all the content, making it much easier to sort the texts. Either they hit the target – or they don’t.

We have years of experience developing impactful content pillars, key messages and storylines perfectly tailored to your target group. The key is to be inspiring, relevant and innovative while appealing to people’s curiosity with fun yet surprising “man bites dog” angles and stories.

Niels Christian Jensen

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