Brand storytelling

Good stories probably predate the first campfires that primitive man flocked around. Telling a good story is not just for entertainment, it is a means of keeping a culture alive. It’s the stories with drama and emotion that we remember – not a recital of a product’s properties. This is why brand storytelling is such an important part of your communication work.

Storytelling is not about inventing a story. The reason why your company exists, why you have developed precisely those products and services, and why you do what you do is full of great stories. And they should be told so that others will hear them and remember you.

We can convey content with storytelling, so it captures the target group, and storytelling is the core of all our work here at Discus Communications:

  • We use storytelling as a tool for angling stories and sell them to journalists
  • We use storytelling as a technique for positioning a company in relation to competitors
  • And we use storytelling as a way to market a new product

The good story

When we develop a good story, we employ three tricks of the trade. First, bad news sells – since negative stories drive the vast majority of headlines and journalists. And as people, we just relate better to bad news, just like we love gossip. So, if you can find the problem behind the product and focus on the problem – it’s much more effective.

Second, finding a human angle to the story – “I wish it were me” or “I’m glad it wasn’t me” – greatly increased the impact of the story.

And third, topicality is key, so we run the story at the most opportune time, for instance when everyone in the target group is thinking about Christmas, budgets, road safety, summer holidays – you name it.

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