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Your company is not an island. Any strategy, be it a communication strategy or a marketing strategy, should focus on what it is you want to achieve with your communication. But you must also take into account how your surroundings influence your company, as no company is an island to itself. Your success depends on how your company have positioned itself in the market.

We have many years of experience in devising effective marketing and communication strategies that take your company to the next level. We identify and describe your market. Who are your competitors and how are they positioned? How should your mission, vision and position be formulated and how do they fit into the real world? What megatrends should you respond to? And who exactly is your target group – or groups?

Whether we work with the overall communication strategy or the underlying communication plans, we insist on acting based on factual information, not assumptions. This requires research, so we can confirm or reject the assumptions we have made together. With qualitative and quantitative surveys and desk research, we gain the best understanding of the market, competitors and target groups. Only then do we have a sound foundation for the principal conclusions of the strategy.

A good strategy must show a direction, and the plan must demonstrate how the objectives are to be achieved. While the communication strategy includes the company’s overall communication and identity, the marketing strategy targets the company’s products, prospects, customers and sales channels.

With a good communication strategy and marketing plan, the subsequent work is much easier, because it provides the direction that will help you with the often tricky selection of target groups, messages and channels.

Niels Christian Jensen

Managing Director

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