Do you also find that qualified workers are in high demand and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the right talent? If so, you are not alone. And across industries and companies, we are seeing an increased focus on employer branding.

We include HR, communication and marketing when we draw up a targeted plan for promoting your company as an attractive workplace to the types of people your operations need. Together, we will find answers to the following questions:

  • What do present and potential employees find attractive?
  • How are your company and workplace perceived today?
  • How can we position you so you appear even more attractive?
  • What key messages and core content should your branding be based on?

When the strategy is ready, your employer branding should be incorporated in all your own communication platforms (website, social media, newsletters) and in your active positioning efforts in the outside world (trade shows, PR, campaigns). And don’t forget to activate your own employees – they are your strongest ambassadors.

Lars Rønnov Mortensen

Account Executive

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