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Articles and blog posts are included in many companies’ content strategy, and with good reason. They make it possible to convey knowledge and attitudes in exactly the tone that you need and want. The primary difference between the two is the format. An article usually has the same structure you know from journalism, with quotes and facts. A blog post, on the other hand, may be written just the way you like, and come from the sender that makes the most sense in the given situation. It may come from the CEO, a product specialist, or perhaps a sales representative. It all depends on the purpose and target group.

Once your company has some high-quality articles and blog posts, they can be used on a variety of channels, making them valuable content that can be featured on your website, sent with your newsletter, shared on social media, or compiled in an eBook – just to mention a few examples.


We write all kinds of articles and blog posts across earned, owned and paid media, and always with a clear purpose in mind.

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