A whitepaper is a more detailed report on a topic that your company possesses in-depth knowledge of. A typical whitepaper deals with a major analysis and presents fresh data and conclusions. It is an excellent tool for building a thought leader position by providing your target groups with new information.

A good whitepaper can be the starting point for a range of activities in both PR and marketing. You can publish your whitepaper on your website and through social media to generate leads and obtain permissions to communicate with people in the future.

For example, you can also use a whitepaper as part of your events and conference activities, publishing it in that context to attract participants. This also presents an excellent opportunity to collect permissions, build relations and generate more new content in the form of videos from the event.

Often, a whitepaper also contains new data and results that may be relevant in a PR context targeting selected trade media, newspapers, TV or radio, depending on the content and scope of the study.

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