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You may find, as many others do, that you create fantastic posts for your company’s social media channels, but they don’t have a big enough reach and things are simply moving too slowly in relation to your KPIs. If your target groups, chosen SoMe platforms and content are in order, the next step might be sponsoring posts and targeting them at a particular target group. But which target group is right for your company, and which social media should you start on? Or is an influencer collaboration perhaps better for you? There are many paths you can take.

We have extensive experience with social media marketing and navigating the many different options of sponsored content and advertising. We focus on the SoMe marketing options that are appropriate for you and on maximising your budget. This applies to both B2B, where LinkedIn is typically the central platform, and B2C, which is much more fragmented and erratic.

We can provide, inspire for, and manage your commercial collaboration with Instagrammers, YouTubers and other influencer partnerships, as we have a daily dialogue with many of them and we are always on the lookout for new rising stars or micro-influencers.

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