Social media strategy

With social media, it is easier than ever to communicate with your customers, employees, business partners and the rest of the world. Most companies use social media, but many also find that their enthusiasm to continually post new updates rapidly diminishes. In the end, you risk your Facebook page becoming a ghost town, where people ask questions without getting answers.

How do you succeed in social media and which ones should you choose?

We find that many companies neglect to ask themselves why they are actually on social media. As with any good communication, a social media strategy is about having clear objectives and carefully defining your target groups. Our staff specialise in asking the sometimes annoying, but essential questions needed to develop a social media strategy that shows which direction your company should go on social media.

Your first four steps with us

  1. Define what you want to do on social media
  2. Sharply define your target group
  3. Draw up a content plan that plays to the target group and inspires
  4. Choose the right platforms in relation to the target group and what you want to achieve
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