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A CEO should actively protect the company’s reputation

Your company’s reputation is precious. A company with a good reputation can be forgiven for a lot, while the opposite is the case for a company that is fraying at the edges. Then it is much easier to blame them for all kinds of misdeeds – legitimate or not.

So it is vital not only to protect the company’s reputation but also to actively engage and exert a positive influence. Senior management plays a central role here as a company’s reputation is very much rooted in the CEO. And the clever ones know that a reputation is made up of more than good KPIs and strong growth.

When we help companies profile their senior managers, we work with the key issues that matter to both the company and the world they operate in – through thought leadership programmes. This enables the CEO to, on behalf of the company, take positions and promote a key issue (or two) that is bigger than the company’s own interests.

Lars Rønnov Mortensen

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