Crisis communication

A crisis can hit any company at any time. How the crisis affects your business and image depends largely on how you handle the situation. Unfortunately, we have seen many crises handled incorrectly, with the crisis developing an uncontrollable life of its own in journalistic and social media.  In such cases, how the crisis is handled generally poses the greatest threat to the company’s image and business.

A well-planned and professional crisis management is therefore crucial. At Discus Communications, we have extensive experience in crisis communication, and we can act quickly and competently if the situation arises. In crisis situations, our agency works around the clock to get the crisis under control and communicate the right messages in the media and to your other relevant stakeholders.

The best defence against a crisis is, however, proper crisis readiness, also called Issues Management. We work closely with you to identify the issues and worst-case scenarios and to develop strategies and action plans to avoid an issue becoming a crisis – so you can act quickly and competently, if a crisis should develop.

An important part of crisis readiness and crisis communication is tailored media training, which you can read about here.

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